Sometimes it is helpful to have supportive materials on our journeys.  As believers, the Bible is our #1 resource; other resources are secondary to it.  However, resources that energizes our faith can provide wonderful additions to our life toolbox!

Knowing Who We Are in Christ~

Christ, Our Life, The Great Exchange workbook assists in learning how Jesus is not only our Savior, but our very life. We were not left to live this Christian life on our own. We became His so that He can live His life in and through us!

Galatians 2:20

Mental Health Bible Study

“Anxiety, Finding Comfort and Reassurance from God”

We all need a dosage of hope and peace from time to time, especially when difficulties arise.  

This study addresses how God meets us in the midst of anxiety.  We are encouraged to stay honest with ourselves and God.  God meet us in those times when we feel we need Him most!  

Mental Health Bible Study

“God’s Word and Mental Health," 8 studies from Psalm 119.  The Lord created us as whole beings.  He doesn’t overlook any part of us.  This Psalm gives us a close look at how scripture addresses our mental needs.